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Pokémon Quest Recipes

You lot’re going to desire to know every one of the 18 Pokémon Quest recipes if you’re hoping to bring all 151 Pokémon into your expedition camp. Though it’s a few years onetime now, this Nintendo Switch and mobile-uniform spin-off to the long-running franchise still has its fans. And whether y’all’re coming in fresh or returning after a… Read More »

Axie Infinity Guide

Looking to break into the world of blockchain video games? If y’all oasis’t checked out the crypto space yet, you’ll probably need our handy Axie Infinity guide to get started. Like having to use circuitous commands and two-dozen floppy discs to run a one-half-decent PC game back in the twenty-four hour period, the early adoption of new technology… Read More »

GTA Online The Contract Soundtrack: All New Songs Added

GTA Online The Contract Soundtrack: All New Songs Added You can find all of the songs added with The Contract update right hither. The Contract DLC for GTA Online brought a ton of new content to the game including new missions, familiar faces and new cars. It too brought brand new music with it and three of the… Read More »

Apex Legends Volt SMG: Damage Stats, Attachments, and Skins

March 3, 2022: Updated to include new damage stats and the new skins available for the Volt. Ever since Apex Legends was released in February 2019, the roster of weapons that you can choose from in the game has continuously expanded. Whether you pick a weapon up in the scramble toward a loot bin at the commencement of… Read More »

Five Games Like Dead by Daylight

There’s no denying that Dead by Daylight has taken over the multiplayer horror scene as of late. With a Resident Evil crossover that saw it reach its highest player count since its debut in 2016, players continue to flock to the game, with many of them becoming loyal fans. Much of the fun in Dead by Daylight comes… Read More »

FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards: Junior Messias Objectives Tips

The FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards campaign has begun. Featuring the likes of Neymar Jr and Paul Pogba alongside an impressive looking Wilfried Zaha SBC, this festive promotion has certainly got us in the seasonal spirit. If you’re looking to save a few quid over Christmas, then this Junior Messias card could exist for you. Hither is how to… Read More »

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Chair Review

If I had to depict the AndaSeat Jungle 2 chair in just two words, I’d say ‘polish operator’. I was more than stoked when the company sent over one of their newest chairs for me to try for myself, and it feels correct at home with my current setup. That said, the moment I received the box that… Read More »

FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards: Djibril Sow SBC Cheapest Solutions & Review

Home sports games FIFA 22 eighteen December 2021 vii:36 PM +00:00 UTC FIFA 22 Wintertime Wildcards: Djibril Sow SBC Cheapest Solutions & Review Viera reincarnated? The FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards Daily SBC’s connected tonight. Bundesliga favourite Djibril Sow is the 2d player to join the campign, joining Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha in the Squad Building Challenge market. Here… Read More »